Meg Reilley Photography creates heirloom weddings and fine art portrait photography. I am a wedding photographer and a fine art heirloom portrait maker living in Asheville, NC. I am a people person, who loves children (and adults) and adores capturing their individual stories. I specialize in non-traditional, indie and gay and lesbian weddings in these beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.


You may have noticed a prominent subject in the portraiture section of my website. The (now) three year old, with the golden blonde curly hair, is my buddy Anders. Not only am I fortunate to know him and spend time with him, but our heads lay to sleep every night just three houses down from his. Anders is a little light that shines so bright on me and all who are fortunate to know him.

Children have always been the saving grace for me, particularly in difficult times. The first experience I had with this was with my oldest niece, Lauren (we call her Lalu!), who was born less than a year after my father died. I was 12 years old. The sheer JOY that she brought to me and our entire family after the unexpected death of our father can never be exaggerated. Being an Aunt may be the greatest gift to a person. I was the envy of all my friends! Lalu's fun and fiesty sister, Claire (aka Claire Bear) was born two years later. The joy just kept flowing. After these two, I would go on to be blessed with many more nieces and nephews who are now having their own children (whom I adore equally).

A year and a half ago, my wife Alisa fell ill. It was a very scary time and painful beyond belief. It was so hard to watch the one I love more than anyone else in such intense and prolonged pain. It took weeks of doctors visits, er  visits and pain staking searching to get a diagnosis. She's a double "winner", she has ulcerative colitis (chron's just as ugly brother) and celiac disease. A drop of gluten could set her out for up to a month. Although the diagnosis brought some relief, Alisa was in bed for the most of a year and change. I felt so helpless and out of control. The almost daily knock on the door of Anders and his thoughtful and rock solid mother and friend, Sarah, took me from the dumps to the LIGHT! Anders is the most delightful child. He is so full of joy and wonder and is silly and kind hearted to boot. Did I mention they live three doors down!?

Anders continues to be my favorite "subject", to photograph, and often inquires about the next "photo shoot"! xoxo Meg (aka Meggie)

If there ever was a joy in life, that would be children.

They bring such happiness and joy.

When you are down in the dumps and just sit back and watch them, 
you obtain a smile that just won't stop.

Laughing, Giggling, Jumping, Playing
these are all of the wonderful things of being a child.

Hope, Dreams, Imagination:
things that make a child unique.

As an adult we must remember the wonderful things that our children can bring to our lives.

Just sit back enjoy and laugh, giggle, jump, play, hope, dream and run into their imagination right along with them.

If we all would do that wouldn't the world be a much more wonderful place to live?

Tammy R. Pledge


Alisa, Anders, Me, post photo shoot fun! Max Patch, North Carolina

Alisa, Anders, Me, post photo shoot fun! Max Patch, North Carolina

Anders at Christopher's Garden in West Asheville, near our homes.

Anders at Christopher's Garden in West Asheville, near our homes.