Meg Reilley wedding photographer in Denver

+ Heirloom Family Portraits
+ Fine Art Wedding Photography
+ Wet Plate Collodion Photography������

What is Heirloom Family Photography ? I create of Portraits of you and your family, that you want to pass on to your kids. My intention is to capture the essence of you and your family.������

What is Fine Art Wedding Photography? I describe my wedding work as Artistic & Unexpected. I approach weddings in a documentary style. I try to capture the day, so you can relive it for many years to come.������

What is Wet Plate Collodion Heirloom Photography?  Is my current passion. Wet Plate is a photographic process from the 1850’s. It’s as old school as you get . I make images using collodian silver on a piece of alumium. It’s amazing, google it!