wedding FAQS

Hey, so glad you made it! If you like my work as much as I'd love telling your story, we're off to a good start.

I double dog dare ya to find someone who cares more than me about making captivating images for you and your sweetie!

My wedding photography is a mixture of fine art and documentary photography. The images that emerge are a photo diary of your wedding day and are comprised of images that capture the essence of your day and your love.

Why hire Meg Reilley?

Caring about you, your love, and your wedding day is my business.

After investigation, sitting with y'all, and understanding your chemistry, I use that information to accurately portray the story of your wedding. I can find a common thread between me and any one. I consider a couple’s story and the places and the objects that matter to you. Because the images are crafted to be timeless, I consult with each couple on styling in order to produce enduring images. In the end, what emerges isn’t simply a photo essay but a family heirloom. 

What does a Meg Reilley wedding photography package include?

Packages are infinitely customizable. I work with couples looking to capture an intimate affair and also with couples interested in documenting their entire wedding day. Whether a wedding is a small celebration or a grand event, my photographs are lasting images that will tell a couple’s unique story and capture the moments of their day. I can deliver prints, or a custom album made from the best images of the day. Couples who are hoping for timeless, well crafted images can meet with me to discuss the possibilities. Generally, packages start at 2800. 

A wedding is personal. Isn’t photography intrusive? 

A wedding is an intimate experience and being photographed can feel vulnerable.. A stiff or invasive photographer can alter the mood. I approach my work with great care and respect for the sacredness of the day, while offering equal parts charm and kindheartedness. Clients become friends. As one bride aptly explained, “Meg is like your favorite Southern cousin!”

Heirloom photography is a distinctive style, but does Meg only shoot traditional weddings? 

I celebrate all kinds of families—the ones that look traditional and the ones that are unique. I  am an expert at LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and "queer")  living and I welcome the opportunity to capture love in all its gorgeous diversity.  

Should we have our wedding in Asheville?

Only if you want to get married in a stunning landscape, serve food that will leave your guests searching for words, dance to music generated by the finest musicians, and be inspired by a town who takes living well very, very seriously.  So, yes! 

How do I book Meg? 

If you decide that my photography fits your wedding style and vision, contact me via email, phone or text.  As one of Asheville’s old school photographers, I typically books weddings months in advance, but I welcome the challenge of working spontaneously. A deposit & a signed contract will be due in advance of the wedding day to reserve the date.     |       303.501.6745


I booked Meg, now what? 

Now you can relax (at least about photography) and the rest is my job!

I will need a short list of must have images.

I will need a list of group shots. People want to get to the celebration, so the more condensed the list, the happier you and your guests will be. 

I will need a detailed schedule of what is happening, when and where, with who. Also, I will get all of your contact information and a point person if you like. This is nice so you can just enjoy your day. It goes by SO FAST!

I am happy to discuss any concerns, or thoughts you have about the big day. I like to have a brief meeting, before the big day, on site if possible. That helps things run smooth.

I am so excited for you and your other half. Happy wedding planning!

Meg Reilley

Fine Art Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY


I’m comparing photographers’ reviews. Do you have any to point me to?  

“Photography was the only thing that would last beyond the moment. I was going to show my kids these photographs, and I wanted to invest in that. I knew Meg’s photographs would be art, that Meg could capture each moment in the way I wanted it captured. Every time I look at the photographs it takes me back to the joy of the day. And Meg is like part of the family. She’s like your favorite Southern cousin! You’re just comfortable.” Sarah H.

“Meg's work is so amazing - creative and beautiful. I have had so many people tell me they are the best wedding pictures they've seen. My husband, whom is a photographer, loves our photos. Working with Meg as a person was a wonderful experience as well. She is professional, fun, and she captured what we expressed we wanted in our wedding photographs. Everyone told me that the photographs are the most important aspect when planning a wedding - 4 months later we don't have any cake, or music, or flowers - but we have our photographs to remember our awesome day.” Sarah

“Meg was amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone for their wedding. Her work, which we knew was great - that's why we hired her - was even more stunning when we saw OUR wedding. Meg was very good at organizing the day, making sure we had ALL of the shots we requested, all the important moments, and those candid shots of everything we did not see. I cannot say enough good things about her! Her work even makes me - the groom - emotional every time I look through each of the 100s of photos from that day - every one amazing! Thanks again!” Bret Frk

Meg Reilley is, hands down, one of the most exceptionally talented photographers that I've ever met. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and more quality photographs of our wedding weekend. We knew from the very first meeting with Meg that we were in good hands--her level of preparation, her organized approach to things, and her dedication to get the job done and to get it done right were all very clear from the start. My husband having a background and some experience with photography himself made it very important for us to choose a top-notch photographer for our wedding. We feel like we couldn't have made a better choice. Some comments from friends and family after viewing our pictures have been: ‘You rarely see such a creative photographer,’ ‘Meg had a way of really capturing the essence of your entire wedding,’ and ‘Viewing your wedding pictures made me want to redo my entire wedding photographs.’ I will tell you this---there are very few physical things that a bride and groom carry away with them from their wedding besides each other and the photographs that are taken. We will cherish the pictures Meg Reilley took of our wedding for a lifetime. They will be treasured family heirlooms that will be passed from generation to generation, and we couldn't be happier with them!” Allison Wade Frk

“I can not say enough about how much I love my wedding photos. As an art director, I worked with commercial photographers regularly. Meg's professional reputation precedes her. I would not nail down my wedding date until I knew she was available. Her non-traditional style truly captured my wedding day so perfectly.” Stacey

milli and willy sitting in a nest....k i s s i n g....first comes love, then comes marriage..   

milli and willy sitting in a nest....k i s s i n g....first comes love, then comes marriage..