portraits FAQS



heir·loom   ˈe(ə)rˌlo͞om/ (n)


1. a treasured object of value that endures

2. a possession passed from generation to generation 

3. a talisman for remembering who came before us

I adore photographing all sorts of families, large or small. Funny or quiet. I LOVE people, it's a Louisiana thing! An adventure to photograph is always my idea of fun! Questions I ask myself: Where are they from? What do they like to do for fun? Who looks like who? This is my favorite skill.

The images that emerge from our photo session are a photo diary of our outing together with the ones you love. The images are ones that you want to pass on to the next generation.


How do I get the photos I want?

You hire me. I ask a number of questions that lead me to the location, the clothes, & the vibe.

What does everyone wear?

Everyone in my photo shoots are styled by me, wearing things out of their own closet (of course, unless you're looking forward to shopping for the event). I thrive on getting to know my subjects and letting their essence shine through the photo shoot. Don't worry, everyone has something that will work! I will either come to your house to look at clothes and meet the family before, or give you an idea of what I am thinking via e-mail.  I will pick everyone's outfit before the shoot starts. Generally, it's solid color things, with no logos, or graphics. I will pick something for everyone that is complimentary so you all go together.

Where do we go for the photoshoot? 

Every family is different, so every photo shoot location is different. I will contact you before the shoot, with exact location and timing. Usually the location is close by and easily accessible to all ages. We often go to arboretums, national parks, creeks, swamps, lakes, and even sand dunes! We go where ever we can find a spot that is inspiring to me and makes sense with the family of the moment.

What is the pricing for an heirloom photography shoot with Meg?

My sitting fee starts at $350. Please request a detailed price sheet via email meg@megreilley.com. 

You will view the images in person, with me,  in 2-3 weeks after the photo shoot.

What is the pricing for the prints ? When do I get the photos?

The pricing for archival, handmade photos by me, start at $75. You will order the prints you want, in person, when you sit down with me to view the photographs.

 Do I get the digital files?

No, but anything you buy a print of, I am happy to give you a digital copy with my logo (watermark) for social media and online use. I don't sell digital files.

Day of tips for a great photo shoot
1. Make sure everyone in the photo has been well fed and is as well rested as possible.
2. Make sure everyone is dressed for the weather, hot, cold, in a creek, etc.
3. Bring snacks, and perhaps a picnic basket.
4. please don't be tardy, the light won't wait for us.